‘You will always find me in Sardinia’

TV chef Gino D’Acampo, 38, lives in Hertfordshire with his wife Jessica and his three children Mia, two, Rocco, nine, and Luciano, 12

WHAT IS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE HOLIDAY? Two years ago we took a family holiday to the Maldives. My wife has always wanted to go there so we finally ticked it off our ‘things to do’ list. It was beautiful and so peaceful it felt like our own private island. We stayed in a glorious villa with its own pool which the children thoroughly enjoyed. It was just what a holiday should be about, getting away from normal life and relaxing.

AND YOUR WORST? Two weeks in Portugal. Everything was unappealing, including the food which was bland apart from some grilled sardines. Even the sea, which we would normally swim in, was far too cold. It was a break that I never want to repeat.

WHICH GADGET IS ESSENTIAL? I know it’s not very cool but I always take a bum-bag. It’s not exactly a gadget but it is the perfect accessory and great for keeping everything from my wallet, to money and phone, safe and in one place. I’ve had the same leather one for last 10 years. It actually smells of sun cream as I’ve taken it on all our holidays.

BEST BOOK? I write books but I’m not a big fan of reading them. I would rather listen to music or talk to people.

HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR TIME ON HOLIDAY? Chilling out in the sun, listening to music and snorkelling. I also like fishing so when possible take a few trips in my boat. I’m not a big fan of touristy things, I prefer to ask the concierge the best place to go, somewhere not too busy where I can sample the local food and culture.

WHERE WOULD YOU REVISIT? Sardinia. It has the best food, best wine and the most beautiful beaches. It’s better than the Maldives and even the Caribbean. We visited five years ago and loved it so much we have since bought a villa on the Costa SmeraIda. I spend my time writing, relaxing with my family and drinking wine. We have our own vineyard and produce Cannonau, a Sardinian red.

WHERE NEXT? I don’t really want to travel anymore as I’ve been to so many places in the last 10 years. But if I have to travel, for pleasure you will always find me in Sardinia.