Welcome to my kitchen! I believe that great stories are like recipes that are passed down through the generations. My story began in Italy, in Naples where I started to learn how to cook with my grandparents. The first thing I was taught to make was pizza margherita by my Nonna Flora, as it’s a Neapolitan classic. My Mamma was a full-time nurse, and she would spend her free time making sure we learnt how to make the classic Italian dishes. And she taught us how to batch cook and freeze for when we were time-pressed.  Now I spend my spare time passing down these recipes to my children. And from those recipes I’ve created this range of Real Italian food, so you can enjoy a taste of Italy too.

Main courses

These pasta and main meal dishes are real D’Acampo family favourites. They’re either recipes passed down through the generations or ones that my whole family just love to eat. Classic pasta dishes that are ready to serve, or showstopping dishes that just need pasta or bread to complete the meal.


Pizzas and Flatbreads

I learnt to make pizza when I was just a little boy. My grandparents had a pizza oven in their garden, and I considered it a treat to be able to cook there. Made from a traditional slow fermented Neapolitan recipe, baked on stones from Mount Etna, in wood fired ovens. This is real Neapolitan pizza at it’s best.



Italian meals are often a long affair with many courses and delicious flavours. No meal is complete without a dessert and I have selected two fantastico ones for you to choose from – Tiramisu and Chocolate Fondant. Buon Appetito.


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