Gino D'Acampo
Gino’s Italy: Like Mamma Used to Make

Over 80 delicious Italian recipes inspired by the amazing women in Gino’s life.

“People have this idea that in every Italian family there are secret recipes that get passed down the generations. And it’s 100 per cent true! This book is my way of celebrating the amazing women in all our families. I want to show my love and appreciation for everything they have done for me.”

Drawing on the wisdom of his late mother, his fifteen bossy aunties, and a whole nation of home-cooking nonnas, Gino shares the secrets to making the very best version of much-loved Italian classics.

From grilled scallops with parsley and hazelnut butter to oozing baked risotto, slow-cooked pork shoulder with super-crispy crackling, biscoff and espresso cheesecake and much more these ultimate Italian classics range from quick and easy weeknight meals to feeding a crowd blowouts. This is Gino’s most iconic book to date!

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