Gino D'Acampo
Gino’s Italian Escape: Hidden Italy

Learn to cook and eat like a true Italian with Gino D’Acampo as your guide.

Inspired by his trip for the major ITV series Gino’s Italian Escape: Hidden Italy, Gino takes you on a culinary journey through northern and central Italy, uncovering hidden gems and local specialities and sharing authentic regional recipes. Some are well-known classics, such as cozze alla marinara (mussels  in white wine with cherry tomatoes and chillies) or fettuccine allo zafferano con ragù (saffron-flavoured pasta with a rich meat sauce), while others are regional favourites given a creative Gino twist – an Umbrian lentil salad with butternut squash, walnuts and cranberries or a Tyrolean no-bake apple strudel with raspberry sauce.

All the recipes are mouth-wateringly delicious and incredibly simple, so you can achieve perfect results every time.

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