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Born in Torre del Greco, Naples, in Southern Italy, Gino D’Acampo inherited his grandfather Giovanni’s love and passion for cooking. After studying and learning his culinary skills at the Luigi De Medici catering college, at the age of 18 Gino moved to London, England.

Gino started his television career at the age of 24, giving him over 21 years of experience presenting and participating in many prime-time TV shows. Gino also has two prime-time television shows in his home country for Discovery Italia. With cheeky wit and exceptional talent in the kitchen, Gino regularly appears on ITV’s This Morning, as well as having his own show Gino’s Italian Escape, where for the past 7 years, he’s been traveling around Italy in search of authentic Italian recipes.

In 2017, Gino went head-to-head with Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix to produce a festive menu for the emergency services. The programme was so successful that the trio reunited for a second series – Gordon, Gino and Fred’s Ultimate Road Trip and then a third series which saw them tour across America. The trio have just been to Greece filming their fourth season of the show.

As well as Gino’s television career, he also has 17 cookbooks ranging from quick recipes found in ‘Pronto’ to everything you need to know about Pasta, ‘Gino’s Pasta’ and a masterclass on baking, ‘Italian Home Baking’. In 2020 he also wrote his first children’s cookbook ‘Wiskella.’

In 2003 Gino’s early love for food found him starting and co-owning Bontà Italia – now one of the UK’s leading importers and distributors of authentic Italian ingredients, supplying foodservice, restaurant groups, supermarkets, and manufacturers.

More recently, Gino has taken over as presenter on the much-loved hit TV show Family Fortunes and established himself as a prime-time television presenter. Gino has also stepped into the movie world with his cameo role in Disney +’s Luca.

In 2021, Gino stepped into the retail world where he partnered with ASDA and created a product range to bring a real taste of Italy to your dinner table. There are over 60 products in the range, from organic store cupboard ingredients, fresh ready meals, and delicious frozen dishes – to feed the whole family.

Gino is also one of the UK’s most successful restaurateurs with his restaurant empire growing by the day. Gino currently has 11 restaurants across the UK, plus, he has recently partnered with the global hotel giant Melia to open restaurants both in the UK and overseas.